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About the Accelerator

Startupbootcamp IoT | Connected Devices is a dedicated accelerator for startups working on a smart connected device within both Consumer IoT (wearables, assisted living, connected homes) and Industrial IoT (smart environment, smart factories and smart retail). We provide funding, mentorship, office space in London and access to a global network of corporate partners, mentors, investors and VCs, for up to 10 selected Internet of Things (IoT) startups across the globe in a three month program. During these three months, and beyond, our aim is to help startups secure further funding in their business from London’s thriving investment scene.

The program is run by MD Raph Crouan, using his extensive background in strategy and business development across hardware products. Raph has assembled a team of the most prominent connected hardware developers and thinkers within the IoT space, allowing startups to collaborate with 100+ mentors, partners, and investors to build world class hardware and IoT products. The program is working with partners Premier Farnell, MJ Hudson, RPD, Wildfire PR and HWTrekas well as Startupbootcamp investors Cisco Investments and DLL, to provide exposure and access to a network of industry professionals that most early-stage IoT and Connected Device startups would not be able to access otherwise. These connections also mean that startups can benefit from manufacturing support, particularly thanks to the program’s links to Asia and China.

Startups had until June 13th to apply to the program, with applications open to companies from across the world. Whilst startups do not need to permanently relocate to London or be incorporated here, they do need to spend the three month acceleration period in London.

We will be accelerating startups with a working prototype, or tangible proof concept, within the following segments:


Consumer IoT

  •  Wearables: the next generation of Wellbeing / Quantified Self / Ingestables / Skin / Fabric/ Embedded Products
  • Connected Homes: Security / Hubs / Metering / Community & Assisted Living

Industrial IoT

  • Smart Environment: Grid / Electricity / Sustainability / Green Energy
  • Smart Factories & Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart Retail: iBeacon





  • Mar 02

    Applications open

  • Jun 13

    Applications close

  • Jul 06 - 09

    Selection Days

  • Oct 10

    Program begins

  • Jan 25

    Demo Day

What's the Deal?

What we offer

  • Extensive mentorship from 100+ entrepreneurs, investors, and partners
  • Access to top markets in Europe, US, and Asia (especially China and Korea)
  • 3 months free coworking space complemented by a full fast prototyping lab
  • €15K in cash per team
  • €950K in partner services and discounts
  • Exposure to 100+ Angels & VCs
  • Invitation to SBC global alumni network and growth program
In return we ask for 6% equity. We don't take board seats, and we don't get preferred shares. All contracts are simple, transparent, and available for all to see.

Massive Growth Support

Beginning in October, the three month Startupbootcamp IoT | Connected Devices accelerator guides 10 companies through the Shape, Build, and Sell stages of development, with hands-on sessions with 100+ mentors, legal and financial support, masterclasses on topics ranging from marketing to growth hacking, and focused partner days such as hardware design and production.

Thanks to strong manufactoring links with Asia and China, as well as to our partners RPD and HWTrekwe are able to support startups with many of the issues they face with production, from sourcing to costs.

Acceleration and Demo Day

After three months of acceleration the 10 teams are invited to present their companies to 400+ investors, mentors, and partners during Demo Day. All startups are given invaluable pitch training and support from industry experts in the lead up to the day.

Global Support Network

Startupbootcamp IoT | Connected Devices startups are actively supported long after they leave the accelerator. All startups will be part of the Alumni Growth Program, which exposes them to a growing global network of 1,800+ mentors, 2,000+ investors, 300+ startups.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch at

Please note that any information submitted in an application is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of our organization.

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