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About the Program

Startupbootcamp FoodTech is based in Rome and supports companies innovating in the food industries as they scale globally.

Over the 3 months program, 10 selected high potential startups from across the globe will accelerate their companies with the help of our team of first-class entrepreneurs, investors, and partners. In 3 months, the selected teams will achieve what normally would take you 18 months. Sounds impossible… have a look at what our 320+ startup alumni have to say about us.

Direct access to key contacts in the industry, including:

  • founders of SBC FoodTech and serial entrepreneurs Peter Kruger & Paolo Cuccia;
  • 100+ mentors from startups & companies like Facebook, Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Salesforce, Tetra Pak, The Fork (a Trip Advisor company) and many more;
  • 1.000+ angels & VC’s like Accel, Endeit, Earlybird, Sunstone, Google VC, LVenture Group and many more.

We are looking for high growth tech startups operating within the segments of agriculture, restaurants, retail, substitutes, cooking and health.

New generations of increasingly low-cost technology hardware and software are challenging and disrupting the traditional models of producing, packaging, marketing, selling, delivering, securing, tracking, eating, recycling and even introducing new types of food substitutes.

Key Focus Areas

Indoor and Vertical Farming

Traceability & Food Safety

Processing & Packaging


Artificial Intelligence


Big Data & Analytics


Internet of Things

Industrial & Home Robots

3D Printing

Drones for Agriculture


  • May 12

    Applications open

  • Sep 22

    Applications close

  • Oct 20 - 22

    Selection Days

  • Nov 21

    Program begins

  • Mar 10

    Demo Day

What's the Deal?

3-Month Program

An intense 3-month program designed to support entrepreneurs scale their industry-changing technology businesses.


Expert-led sessions covering all scaling fundamentals - from business model canvas, lean methodology to fundraising

Corporate Partners

Connections to the leading corporates in your industry for pilot projects, partnership opportunities, and as customers

Global Network

Unmatched access to a global network of mentors, corporate partners, industry experts, and alumni across 40+ countries

Tailored Mentorship

Over 1000 carefully selected mentors from the FoodTech industry who provide hands-on support and valuable introductions

Coworking Space

Free desks for your entire team in a dynamic coworking space for the duration of the 3-month program

Living Expenses

€15K in cash per team to cover living expenses during the program

Perks & Discounts

More than €450K+ in exclusive partner deals from leading technology providers such as Google, Amazon, Salesforce, PayPal, SendGrid, and others

Alumni Growth Program

Continued post-program support far after the 3-month program through annual alumni only events, deals and tailored introductions

Industry Events

Exclusive opportunities to take part in leading FoodTech conferences and events

Investor Access

Meet most active VCs and Angel investors in your industry from around the world

Demo Day

A day to celebrate your achievements during the program with 400+ investors, corporates, mentors and press attendees

Rome and Italian market

Italy is the global leader in top culinary experience and food excellence. It is also a leader in the manufacturing of consumer and industrial food production and processing equipment. Italian agriculture boosts the highest yelds and productivity per hectare in the world, as it features one of the most innovation driven agrotech industries globally. Italy is also undergoing a deep transformation with vast consumer and business markets ripe for disruption. With its great culinary culture and its excellent products, Italy is the perfect location to validate and accelerate any FoodTech disrupting company. Having the chance to iterate the product in Rome and testing it in the Italian market, dealing with all major Italian and international industry players, is an opportunity that hardly ever comes twice.

Seed funding & other perks

All teams receive €15,000 in cash, €400,000+ in partner services, and up to 6 months of free office space to help relocate. In addition, selected teams may also receive additional €35k cash investment in convertible notes by our key partners such as Lventure Group and PiCampus.

What we ask for in return

In return, Startupbootcamp gets 6% equity in each company. We don't take board seats, and we don't get preferred shares. We strive to be the world's most useful co-founders.

Get in contact

Drop us a line at or tweet at us @sbcFoodTech.  

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Right at the very heart of Rome, Startupbootcamp FoodTech is hosted at Spazio M3, Rome, a 4.000 square feet dedicated space. Facing the 1700 years old Basilica of San Giovanni, which was founded by Emperor Constantine in AD 320, our accelerator is part of Spazio M3, a fully renewed 10.000+ square feet co-working space, founded by Matteo Fago, one of the most succcesful and active Italian business angels. At just 5 minutes drive from the main Stazione Termini in Rome (3 underground stops), our space is an intense crossroad for people with very diverse origins and experiences. It’s not a real estate company or a co-working space looking to fill desks. Tens of international startups already operate at Spazio M3 with scores of investors and mentors popping in all the time. Getting investors involved is a game changer for the kind of conversations and events happening at the space. Selected startups are going to work in an amazing location which enables creativity and team working, while providing all the facilities and contacts entrepreneurs need to boost their companies. Spazio M3 - Via Ludovico di Savoia, 2b 00185 Roma, Italy Map

Startupbootcamp FoodTech Rome Team

Peter Kruger

Peter Kruger

CEO & Managing Director
Paolo Cuccia

Paolo Cuccia

Matteo Fago

Matteo Fago

Board Member
Diego Falanga

Diego Falanga

Andrea Torlonia

Andrea Torlonia

Mentors Coordinator
Gianmarco Fratangeli

Gianmarco Fratangeli

Marketing Manager
Marco Montaldi

Marco Montaldi

Operations Manager
Giorgio Sermonti

Giorgio Sermonti

Social Media Manager

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