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Why now and why Australia?

Challenges and opportunities is what scaleups thrive on and currently no better industry personifies this than the energy industry. We are seeing rapid change in the entire energy value chain from generation, through transmission and distribution, to the end customer.

Renewables and storage technologies have become cheaper and more accessible. Entire grids are becoming digitised creating vast amounts of energy data. New technologies from hydrogen, autonomous electric vehicles, to 5G are entering the market and will change and shape the industry for generations to come. And most importantly we’re seeing changing shifts in customer behaviour and expectations.

These are big challenges but also huge opportunities to innovate and scale new technologies and business models, and nowhere better than in Australia.

Australia at a glance…

  • Rapid growth in large-scale renewables
    More than 2.2 GW of new large-scale renewable generation capacity was added to the grid in 2019 across 34 projects, representing $4.3 billion in investment.
  • Record breaking rooftop solar installations
    Rooftop solar almost doubled the record set just two years ago as the sector smashed through the 2 GW barrier for the first time in 2019.
  • Breakout year for energy storage
    More than 22,000 small-scale batteries installed in 2019 taking Australia’s household storage capacity past 1 GWh. Plus 15 utility-scale batteries under construction at the end of 2019.
  • EV sales tripled
    Sales of electric cars in Australia tripled in 2019 with huge growth potential in the coming years as prices come down and range and infrastructure grows.
  • Exponential rise in energy data
    There’s been an exponential rise in energy data from smart meters, connected devices, grid equipment and more but the value of this data has not been fully utilised.
  • Australians are tech savvy customers
    Proven early adopters of technology. Smartphones are the main digital device for more than half of Australians. Households forecast to have over 30 connected devices by 2022 with growth being driven by energy and lighting smart devices and smart appliances.

Meet our partners

To tackle these challenges and unlock these opportunities we’ve assembled amazing partners to be part of the EnergyTech Hub.

Our Program Partners

“We are particularly excited to support companies developing technologies which can deliver cleaner, greener energy. While Australia is a world leader in renewable generation, there is enormous untapped potential to maximise the benefits of solar and wind right across the energy sector. Cleantech innovators are ideally placed to lead this transition.”

Dr. Bev Thomas
Director Innovation Fund – CEFC

“Energy technologies such as wind and solar, demand response, pumped hydro, battery storage and intelligent energy management systems – supported in the near term by flexible gas-fired generation – will assume the role of today’s big coal-fired power stations. Being part of this transition is a big job and one that will be looked back on proudly. We will have succeeded if that same reliable and affordable access to energy is maintained for everyone so that no customer is left behind.”

Mark Collette
Chief Customer Officer – EnergyAustralia

“C4NET champions the accessibility and utilisation of energy data to assist the transition, inform new business opportunities, feed evidence-based policy development and inform novel public benefit use cases, and this will be a central theme to some of C4NET’s involvement and activities in the EnergyTech Hub.”

James Seymour

“VCTF has a particular interest in the reduction of use of fossil fuels. One key aspect in the reduction of dependence on fossil fuel is the transition to eMobility in all of its forms. VCTF recognises the importance of this transition as the proportion of electricity generated from renewables continues to increase.”

Joseph Younane
Chairman – VCTF

“The Scale Program at the EnergyTech Hub is particularly interesting to participate in for us to explore new opportunities through POC’s with suitable scaleups. We are a key player in the mobility space, and are keen to play a part in future eMobility opportunities and alternative fuels.”

Trond Abelseth
Head of Digital – Viva Energy

“We are proud to be a founding partner of the EnergyTech Hub along with Startupbootcamp. As the country’s top tech and innovation hub, YBF has and continues to support disruptive technologies and the startups and scaling companies that bring them to life – while at the same time enabling corporate partners and the broader ecosystem to innovate. Energy sources, systems and interfaces are changing rapidly and we are excited to play our role in shaping the future.”

Farley Blackman
CEO – YBF Ventures

All powered by Startupbootcamp Australia, who over the last 3 years has built one of the best smart energy mentor and investor networks and helped 30 energy startups from around the world grow and scale their businesses in Australia.

The EnergyTech Hub value

Introducing the EnergyTech Hub, headquartered in Melbourne and designed to accelerate commercial collaboration between scaleups, partners, and investors on the most challenging and pressing problems facing the energy industry.

We are really proud to be project focused by helping scaleups test, implement, and scale solutions into the Australian energy market.

Value for scaleups and how the ETH works

So what does it mean if you’re a scaleup looking at the Australian Energy market and wondering if this is an opportunity worth exploring? Well The EnergyTech Hub is a Landing Pad, a Testing Pad, and a Launching Pad to help you make that decision quickly and effectively.

Landing pad icon
Landing Pad
Designed for you to quickly explore new market opportunities in Australia. We will bring you up to speed with the Australian energy market, regulations, structures, and key players.
Testing pad icon
Testing Pad
To test your solution in the Australian market and gather key learnings. By having direct exposure to motivated EnergyTech Hub Partners you will be in a prime position to address pressing partner and industry challenges through a collaborative pilot project.
launching pad icon
Launching Pad
To scale and grow your company in Australia and the wider region including opportunities to find co-investors for projects.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for scaleups with commercial ready solutions and business models showing proven traction who are looking to expand into the Australian market and beyond. We are focusing on 3 major themes:

Alternate fuels, renewable energy and barriers to adoption icon
Alternate fuels, renewable energy & barriers to adoption
Alternative fuel sources such as hydrogen for transport and storage. We will also be looking for scaleups exploring different types of renewable energy and tackling barriers to adoption including technical and economic barriers.
Storage and eMobility icon
Storage & eMobility
Storage technologies and solutions at grid, industrial, and domestic scale including vehicle to home and vehicle to grid. Plus interesting business models around eMobility.
Data-led best practices icon
Data-led best practices
Solutions applied to data which improve efficiency and create new opportunities across the entire energy value chain.

Program timeline

The EnergyTech Hub is a 5 month virtual program.

  • 3rd July: Applications close
  • 6th July: We will host a virtual reconnaissance session for interested Scaleups where you’ll meet the partners, have Q&A sessions and industry intros
  • 20th July: The program starts
    • A 2 week Landing Pad full of briefings to bring you up to speed on the Australian energy market, the regulations, the key players, and the challenges
    • Over the course of the program we will host Deep Dives, Scaleup Showcases, and Themed events
    • We will connect you with partners so you can co-design and execute pilot projects
    • You will meet investors, we will help you commercialise projects, give you a platform to share learnings and help you launch and scale
  • 29th October: The program ends

Why join the program?

No equity taken

The EnergyTech Hub doesn’t take equity in your business. Hold on to your equity and focus on selling and scaling your product into the Australian market.

Cheap and effective way to explore a new market

We’ve assembled motivated partners, investors, and mentors to help you enter and scale a new market quickly and effectively. The fee for a scaleup joining the 5 month program is USD$6,000.

Pilot project focused

The EnergyTech Hub is focused on delivering value to you and to our partners through co-design and executing pilot projects so you can test, learn, and scale rapidly.

Regional and global access network

Unmatched access to local and global network of mentors, partners, and most active energy investors to help you scale.

What's the next step?

Interested in the program? We’d love to hear from you!

Simply hit the 'Apply Now' button and fill out the contact form, it will take you less than 5 minutes. We will be processing applications as they come in so by applying early you will get an unfair advantage.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to Abs at


The Startupbootcamp Australia office is located at YBF Ventures. YBF have been at the centre of Australia’s technological innovation since 2011. The 3,100 square-metre building in Melbourne’s CBD is a specially-designed space of the future, where startups and scaleups can thrive, evolve, raise investment and prepare themselves for success in the global market. Startupbootcamp Australia is located at; Level 4, 520 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

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