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Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin is now entering its 3rd cycle, and is one of the most serious health accelerators in the continent. How, you ask? The program is supported by major pillars of healthcare, Sanofi, Munich Re, Berlin Institute of Health, Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank, Vilua and legal support via Dentons. This means you will be plugging into their expertise, exposure channels, APIs and unparalleled access to their deep digital health network of industry professionals from around the world. That, along with support of 150+ industry mentors make the program a solid launchpad for fast-growth early stage startups.

Here is a quick video that takes you through the journey of the accelerator.

What can we do for you?

If we do our job well (and we will, ask our alumni), our program will help you

  • Do more faster, with a year’s work done in 3 months and a new pace of execution
  • Show clear proof of concept and the path to profitability
  • Develop a clinical validation plan and start rolling it out
  • Define why your startup is unique and establish a solid fundraising strategy
  • Actively engage with corporate partners for pilot projects, market access, investment.
  • Polish the team structure

The fastest way to achieve the above said is to know the right people and knock on the right doors. Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin has been rated very highly by past alumni in the strength of our network and the connections they made in the program went a long way in speeding up their growth. And with the name of Startupbootcamp behind them, Startups get a stamp of credibility that goes a long way in opening doors way after the official program is over.

That’s not all. There are several benefits for a startup when it’s accepted by Startupbootcamp. Scroll down to find out.

Why Berlin Tho?

For any startup that dreams of launching in Europe, Berlin is the perfect place to be in. The most obvious one is that if you have made it in Berlin, you can make it anywhere in the world, given the German love for regulations & technology.

Berlin has proven itself as the ultimate playground for healthcare innovation and boasts of 35 large research institutes and universities focusing on life sciences, including internationally renowned institutions. Here You find Europe’s largest university clinic, Charité, the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, the Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin (German Heart Centre Berlin) and other institutes of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and Max Planck Society, as well as the Helmholtz and Leibniz Associations. Currently, 300 medical technology companies, 240 biotech companies, and 30 pharmaceuticals manufacturers have chosen Berlin their premier location. Not just that, there are many grants that are available to business in Germany, investment volume and ticket sizes have jumped up high in the past few years and still growing!

How this translates for your startup is access to vast networks of reliable researchers, a great test ground for your product to be chiseled in, and huge pools of affordable, awesome people to strengthen your workforce.

Key Focus Areas

Diabetes Management

Behavior Change

Big Data, specific to Patient Records

Clinics / HCP process Optimization

Pharmacy Solutions

Sensoring (Care & rehabilitation)

Rare Disease Diagnostics

Why join the program?

3-Month Program

An intense 3-month program supporting entrepreneurs to scale their industry-changing technology businesses.


Expert-led sessions covering all scaling fundamentals from business model canvas, to business development and fundraising

Corporate Partners

Collaborate deeply with leading corporates in your industry to secure customers, pilot projects, and partnerships

Global Network

Unmatched access to a global network of mentors, corporate partners, industry experts, and alumni across 40+ countries

Tailored Mentorship

Over 150 carefully selected mentors from the digital health industry who provide hands-on support and valuable introductions

Coworking Space

Free coworking desk space at the dynamic Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin offices for your entire team during the 3-month program

Living Expenses

€15,000 in cash per company provided to cover living expenses so teams can commit 100% of their time to the program

Perks & Discounts

Huge benfits with exclusive partner deals from leading technology providers such as Amazon, SendGrid, and others

Alumni Growth Program

Continued post-program support far after the 3-month program ends through annual alumni events, deals and tailored introductions

Industry Events

Exclusive exposure opportunities to take part in leading digital health conferences and events as exhibitors and speakers

Investor Access

Direct access to meet the most active angels and VCs investing in the digital health industry from around the world

Demo Day

A day to celebrate your achievements during the program with 400+ mentors, corporate partners, investors and press attendees

What do you need to catch our attention?

We want you to be a team, not an individual, and a great, complimentary team at that. A team with a great idea how to solve a REAL PAIN, clear plan for execution, working with clinical knowledge and discipline and a vision to take it to the next level. We do adore a unicorn, but we love elephants: they are larger and REAL. Take a look at our scoping areas. If you are one of them, great! If not and you still think you are awesome - apply anyways. We love to be surprised!

When making an application

Getting more than 500 applications a year, we know a thing or two about bluffs and sincerity. So stay honest in your answers in your application, its okay to not know all the answers, but its not okay to blow things out of proportion. The more honest and real you are, the more attractive you become. Did you do something amazing in your past? Have a doctor in the team? Got a hospital working with you? Have an unfair advantage over others? Make it shine. Tell us why you deserve a space in the top 10. You need to be ready to support us in our goal of 100% funding rate for this years program and building real companies with real revenue and serious international growth. In return, we ask for 6% equity. We don't take board seats, and we don't get preferred shares. All contracts are simple, transparent, and available for all to see.

Would like to talk to us?

Please email and let's talk.  

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The program is hosted at rent24, Potsdamer straße 182 , 10783, Berlin. The coworking space is equipped with spacious & plugged in meeting rooms, kitchen, efficient & super friendly staff & an active community of startups & entrepreneurs! The place also offers you 24/7 access, coffee & sodas! So that nothing distracts you from making your startup shine!

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Team

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Lars Buch

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