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Do you know where your next sources of competitive advantage will come from?

The problem:

In a world where speed and time to market is critical to survival, being able to identify those capabilities that will enable a business to differentiate from competitive threats is crucial to support future growth efforts.

We support the industry by moving our efforts from pure acceleration to cyclical industry-led innovation sprints.

The solution = CoLab 

Strategic: CoLab focuses first on understanding an organisation’s strategic drivers,  top priorities and business context to best align growth stage venture options against those pressing gaps identified by incumbent players.

Themed-based: CoLab is an iterative innovation initiative for corporates within mature markets that seek to solve unique business challenges through the use of most applicable emerging technologies.

Iterative: CoLab enables group of experts to come together to achieve in a short period of time clear innovation outcomes .

Agile: Each CoLab utilises a series of co-creation principles to ensure fast progression to commercial engagement.

Come and experience CoLab’s structured ideation and facilitated engagement to streamline your access to the right expertise, foster highly effective partnerships and deliver sought outcomes.

Ideas to effective action in 120 days

CoLab has been developed from the InsurTech expertise we have built over the past three years, sourcing startups for leading insurers who now want to engage in deeper collaborative interactions with the business functions at the core of such engagement.

By combining our industry expertise with your knowledge of your business context on how to find the very best growth stage ventures, we can help you speed up your digitisation efforts while enhancing core innovation skills to replicate the approach across a wider group of business units.


Prioritising challenges that are directly in sync with strategic directions

As we get to map each one of your challenges to the most suited innovations that are out there, return of value is clearly demonstrable.

Tailoring Access to Culture of Innovation

Focusing on industries:

A structured process to ensure that the interactions that are seeded deliver value generating partnerships.


Focusing on the themes that deliver the fastest business value

As a CoLab partner, (re)insurers will:

  • Participate in three highly relevant problem-led innovation sprints per year;
  • Work with us to define their biggest challenges & focus on finding the very best project-ready, startup companies;
  • Receive the knowledge, tools and processes to create agile innovation projects and ensure long-term successful strategic relationships;
  • Gain an innovation strategy and culture to ensure your long-term survival.


We are much more than a startup matchmaking service because:

  • We address the real strategic business problems and market opportunities that (re)insurers have through the core program themes.
  • We support (re)insurers capabilities and resources with our own expertise from many years helping to develop business ready InsurTech startups.
  • We adopt an agile approach to test, test and fail fast.
  • We work with (re)insurers to foster commercial agreements that deliver value for all parties.
  • We enable continuous engagement throughout the year to address each innovation challenge that you have.

Arrange a meeting with us today so that we can uncover your challenges and tell you more about SBC Colab, and our unique approach to support the delivery of how we can help you with your key strategic [and innovation] initiatives.

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SBC Colab InsurTech London Team

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Sabine VanderLinden

CEO InsurTech Global
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Tshidi Hagan

Program Director
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Manjit Rana

Managing Director
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Liam Gray

Head of Research
Christine Jaram

Christine Jaram

Chief Operating Officer
Alessandro Allotta

Alessandro Allotta

Lead Scout
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Alanna Attwood

PwC secondee
Alicia Metzer

Alicia Metzer

Legal Counsel
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Filippo Calzeroni

Lynda Kalu

Lynda Kalu


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