Startupbootcamp is running accelerator programs throughout the year in different cities across Europe with a different focus in each. Some of the programs are open to all type of applications, whereas our vertical program in Berlin is focusing on Smart Transportation & Energy, the program in Copenhagen is focusing on Mobile and NFC & Contactless in Amsterdam.

Here you can learn all about the application process and see which programs are open to accept applications.

Open Applications

Apply Early

The earlier you apply, the better chances you have to get into one of our programs, since it allows us to build a relationship with you and understand your team and your business. We often receive several hundred applications in the last days before the applications deadline. Teams submitting their application late risk that we cannot dedicate the same amount of time per application as for early applicants.

Startupbootcamp FastTracks

Startupbootcamp FastTracks are about offering instant feedback for startups in a series of 1 on 1 sessions with industry experts and mentors. Check out our calendar to find the FastTrack nearest you!

Selection Days

If your application is successful you will be invited to 2 day Selection Days, where the top 20 applications for each program meet 50+ mentors who help us select the final 10 startups that will enrol in the program.


The startups that are selected to attend a program will sign a contract with Startupbootcamp before entering the program. 

Moving to a new city

All startups attending a Startupbootcamp program relocate to the city where the program is run. Typically, there are 1-2 startups from the country where the program is held, whereas the rest are from around the world. The startups have to stay full-time in the city during the program to get the full benefit of the program.

Preparing yourself

Make sure you arrive in the new city without too many personal commitments for the next 3 months. Charge your batteries, get ready for acceleration and for making tons of new friends for life.

5 Insider Tips to Get Accepted

Be 100% Committed: Joining Startupbootcamp requires total focus and availability. You cannot combine the accelerator program with a day job, studies, or any other distraction. And yes, even your social life has to be on hold.

Be a Team: We love teams who have already done stuff together – perhaps a previous startup, colleagues at a company, or just knowing each other through college. Startupbootcamp will load on tons of pressure and there will be tension. It’s a real test of everything you’ve got. We look for tight teams who can handle it.

Be Coachable: Of course your idea and product are brilliant. But can you listen to (sometimes contradictory) input? Can you filter what’s relevant? Above all, can you act on the best advice?

Be Resilient: Your team and your idea will be grilled, argued with and pushed around. You have to be determined and unstoppable.

Have a track record: This may be your first startup. But what have you achieved before that’s truly impressive and relevant?

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