At Startupbootcamp we take investing personally, and go to great lengths to support as many entrepreneurs as possible throughout the application process.

Whether meeting over coffee, during office hours, at conferences, or through FastTracks, we makes a commitment to support its industry’s entrepreneurs through hundreds of Startupbootcamp events held throughout the year.

Find the right fit

Joining an accelerator like Startupbootcamp is a big decision. We believe in building valuable and lasting relationships far before making an investment, and do our homework on the startups accepted to our programs. You should too. Do your homework tomake sure Startupbootcamp is right for you. We’ll help by jumping on a call or meeting in person to share our ethos and how we support our investments. We’ll also introduce you to Startupbootcamp alumni and mentors to share their opinions about the program.

Meet Startupbootcamp

We go to great lengths to meet thousands of entrepreneurs each year. To do so we host over 100 entrepreneur support events each year, including day-long Startupbootcamp FastTrack sessions. These are a great chance for entrepreneurs to receive instant feedback in a series of 1 on 1 mentorship sessions with industry experts, investors, partners, and the Startupbootcamp team. Each Startupbootcamp program holds a global FastTrack tour. Check out our calendar to signup for the FastTrack nearest you!

Apply Early

Reading through 300-600 applications takes time. Applying early allows us to get to know you better and build a relationship. On many occasions we can also start helping you right away with valuable introductions to our industry-focused network.

Selection Days

After meeting hundreds of entrepreneurs, 20 startups are invited to participate in each Startupbootcamp program’s Selection Days. Over 2 days the 20 startups meet over 50 industry-specific, industry experts, investors, and partners during intense and valuable mentorship sessions. On the final day 10 startups are selected to join the 3 month acceleration program

Moving In

All startups attending a Startupbootcamp program relocate to the city where the program is run. Typically, there are 1-2 startups from the country where the program is held, whereas the rest are from around the world. The startups have to stay full-time in the city during the program to get the full benefit of the program.

5 Tips for Getting Accepted into a Startupbootcamp Accelerator

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