Startupbootcamp has accelerated 200+ startups since 2010 and has developed a proven process to get startups from around the world accelerated with success. We follow a strict Playbook developed based on experience from the many programs and best practice is constantly fed into the next programs.

This ensures all programs are run at consistent and high quality standards.


The secret sauce of Startupbootcamp is our mentors. We have carefully selected 100-150 mentors in each city who are ready to help your startup. These are successful entrepreneurs and subject matter experts. They have been there and done that, and now they are ready to give back.

Finding the right mentors for your startup is like dating. We therefore purposely expose you to as many of our mentors as possible during the first few weeks so you can find out who you want to work with. Who can help your company specifically? Which mentors do you build a rapport with and who do you trust?

The Deal

All startups are offered the same deal, which includes:

  • € 15,000 living expenses
  • free incubator space for 6 months
  • € 450,000 in free services from partners (eg free server space and software)
  • tons of mentoring
  • access to investors

In return we ask for 8% equity.

Pilot customers

We have teamed up with some of the worlds leading brands who both act as mentors during the program and in a lot of cases are willing to be a pilot customers for our startups. This is a unique opportunity for startups to get high profile customers from day one. Previous examples include IBM, Vodafone, ABN Amro Bank and PwC.

Managing Mentors

Mentors need to be managed. They all have different opinions. You therefore need to build the ability to digest all the different opinions and make up your own mind and decisions. At the end of the day it is your business.

The program structure

The program is split in three phases: Shape, Build and Sell.


During the first weeks you will be exposed to a LOT of mentors and different opinions. The purpose is to make sure you are working in the right idea. There is no reason to run with full speed in the wrong direction, and we therefore allow you to meet a lot of people who can help you judge whether your idea is sharp enough. Is this solving a real problem? Is the market big enough? Can your monetize this idea?

Up to 50% of our startup pivot their idea during the program. And that's OK with us.


Once you are clear about the idea and direction it is time to build your product. Many teams obviously already come into the program an alpha or beta. And some even have launched products, but if not, then this is time to get you product ready to show to customers so you can get early feedback.


Throughout the program we encourage the startups to be in constant contact with potential customers. We strongly believe in building businesses based on solving real problems and that customers want to pay for now.

Learning from the other startups

Our alumni teams almost always emphasise that one of the key benefits of joining the Startupbootcamp program is to learn from the other startups. Throughout the 3 months you will be working very closely, you will face many of the same issues., and you will be able to help each other with technical issues or sharing customers. Finally, you will make friends for life.

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Mentors showing their enthusiasm at the 'Mentor Pow Wow' in Berlin.

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Group mentoring session at SBC Copenhagen

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Weavly taking a well deserved break at SBC Berlin

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Group mentoring session at SBC Berlin

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