Startupbootcamp programs have one key focus - to connect startups with the most relevant and impactful connections in their industry.

During 3 intense months of acceleration, startups joining a Startupbootcamp program gain direct access to over 100 top mentors, investors, and partners in their industry. This unique access makes Startupbootcamp the most individual and tailored acceleration programs in the world.


Our Focus Makes Us Different

We believe the best way to support a startup is to connect them with the most meaningful and engaged contacts from their industry. Forming relationships with key industry insiders from around the globe gains Startupbootcamp startups powerful access that can’t be bought,. We view our role as a facilitator and guide on the journey to disrupting the status quo.

By focusing each Startupbootcamp accelerator on a specific industry, startups are able to take part an unbelievably individualized program. Our customized program approach provides startups with coaching and connections from sector-specific experts, not talking-head consultants or ‘innovation experts’

Learn from experts

Startups need mentors that 'get' them. That's why Startupbootcamp carefully selects over 100 successful entrepreneurs and industry experts to take part in facilitated mentor matching with each startup. During the first few weeks of a 3 month program startups are introduced to dozens of potential mentors, and as personal relationships form a core mentor support network forms around each startup.

Each Startupbootcamp accelerator teams up with many of the leading brands in a specific industry. From mentorship to pilot customers, these corporations are able to give each startup access to enormous markets that would typically take years to develop. Take a look at Startupbootcamp's Global Partners that support all Startupbootcamp startups and alumni around the world:

What’s The Deal?

All Startupbootcamp startups are offered an amazing package of mentorship, cash, office space, and deals:

  • Hundreds of hours of 1 on 1 mentoring
  • € 15,000 in cash per team
  • 3+3 months free coworking office space
  • € 450,000 worth in free partner services
  • A highly visible Demo Day with access to 250-300 investors
  • Invitation to the Startupbootcamp global alumni network

In return we ask for 6%-8% equity. We don't take board seats, and we don't get preferred shares. All contracts are simple, transparent, and available for all to see on each program’s page.

Startupbootcamp program structure

Startupbootcamp is deeply committed to helping each startup we work with. Our mentor-focused curriculum guides startups through main stages during the 3 months of acceleration: Shape; Build; Sell:

Shape is all about intense mentor-driven development of team, idea, solution, business model and development plan. We bring in serial entrepreneurs and business development experts during this phase who not only coach, but motivate and inspire. The mentors help form the individual team’s identity, product and plan. The initial Shape phase concentrates on ensuring the team focuses on the right aspects of building their business.

Build focuses on forming actionable plans to create a product that solves customer’s problems. Prototypes, beta-software, and demos are developed during the Build stage, and Startupbootcamp invites technical experts to help the Startups create platforms built for scaling.

Sell drives initial traction to gain initial revenue and viral growth.Mentors engage with teams during the Sell stage to improve customer development, sales, and marketing. The teams receive pitch and media training as they prepare for their Demo Day. Demo Day signifies the end of the program when teams typically seek external funding.

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