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About the Accelerator

Startupbootcamp Istanbul is a mentor-driven program that provides a massive amount of support and connections to accelerate a startup's growth.

Over 3 months up to 10 selected startups collaborate with 100+ mentors, partners, and investors to build world class products and attract value-add funding - with the ultimate goal of becoming an industry leading company.

The program team is led by Ersin Pamuksuzer and & Omer Yucel. Ersin Pamuksuzer is a renowned serial entrepreneur in technology and well-being sectors. He was a leading figure in the creation of Turkcell, the Turkish GSM giant. He was also the first person to create an incubation center in Turkey. Omer Yucel is the director of corporate relations in Bahcesehir University, which hosts the program. Another core partner in the program is the Basaksehir Living Lab, the first Enoll (European Network of Living Labs) accredited Living Lab in Turkey.

The Istanbul vision includes making this program a hub for startups in the Middle East and North Africa regions. For this purpose, the team is cooperating with Dr. Abdul Malik El Jaber, who created two different startup programs in the region.

The Startups

In alphabetical order, the Startupbootcamp Istanbul Teams of 2015

315Studio (Deal Beacon)
Deal Beacon, a product of 315 Studios, is focused on utilizing iBeacon technology in order to provide indoor marketing...
Bir CĂĽzdan
A mobile “one tap” payment wallet....
A used smart phone and tablet platform connecting buyers and sellers...
Intelligent Papers
A cloud based digital textbook platform that replaces heavy textbooks...
Sence Bence
An established crowdsourcing platform for companies to get feedback from the youth....
Smart Moderation
Provide semantic analysis and automated comment approval systems....
A multi-sensor based logistics platform providing an efficient shipment...
Zeplin (Formerly Raven)
A collaboration software platform to enable developers...
Content with a touch...

About Startupbootcamp Istanbul

Ersin Pamuksuzer is talking about new Startupbootcamp Istanbul Program.

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Meet the people who make the Startupbootcamp Istanbul program happen...

Space Space

The center is located in Besiktas campus, a very central location in...

Startupbootcamp Istanbul Alumni

Bir CĂĽzdan
Bir Cüzdan created a mobile “one tap” payment wallet. The solution simplifies the user experience
Cepstop is a used smart phone and tablet intermediary platform connecting buyers and sellers
Smart Moderation
Smart Moderation provides semantic analysis and automated comment approval systems.
Zeplin (Formerly Raven)
Zeplin is a collaboration software platform to enable developers
Content with a touch

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