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Startupbootcamp Israel is a mentor-driven program that provides a massive amount of support and connections to accelerate a startup's growth.

Over 3 months up to 10 selected startups collaborate with 100+ mentors, partners, and investors to build world class products and attract value-add funding - with the ultimate goal of becoming an industry leading company.

The program team led by Paul-Rene and Shahar Namer run an annual program that utilizes their extensive backgrounds to focus on startups developing technology for the Media and Advertising industries.

The Startups

In alphabetical order, the Startupbootcamp Israel Teams of 2014

12mass helps brands talk on social networks with large audiences significantly faster (by 100X) than any other method on the...
Brand Gauge
Brand Gauge is a one stop shop for collecting social media metrics. Unlike other tools Brand Gauge allows users to...
The Echo-App turns your devices into a sound system! Our vision is a cross platform tool that will connect people...
Inspeculate is all about proving your knowledge and letting everyone know that you "Called it"!...
Paymates is a social payment gateway for online retailers that allows shoppers to split the payment for a product between...
Whenever you host a wedding, a party, a dinner or any other occasional event, Pico will always be there to...
Spirala is taking the best marketing tool known to humanity, word of mouth, and amplifying it with the power of...
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Meet the people who make the Startupbootcamp Israel program happen...

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We're based in Tel Aviv & Haifa. Teams will have a choice...

Startupbootcamp Israel Alumni

Putting your best face forward. Pixtr understands content of photos and automatically perfects them accordingly - bringing true photo editing to mobile.
A hybrid between video clip and business card, offers real-time aggregation of a person’s social feeds, analyzed, filtered, and presented in a sleek, visually appealing and informative way.
The next wave of voice application interfaces. VoiceItt is a real-time Intonation Engine, enabling seamless integration of a unique intonation based natural user interface to existing and new apps.
Share, explore & steal your favourite Thingies. Social game with a new addictive mechanic offering creative promotional ad opportunities for products and brands.
Videostir lets anyone create a floating clip on a website in five minutes using your mobile phone camera.

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