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Startupbootcamp Internet of Things & Data is the leading global startup accelerator with a focus on Internet of Things & Smart Data delivering unparalleled support, mentorship, and connections to world class startups building disruptive solutions with connected devices and the immense associated data these machines create.

The program includes incredible access to leading global IoT and data innovation firm Claro Partners, over 100 mentors from awesome companies like Intel, Yahoo, Cisco, Telefonica, Facebook or Oracle, and a chance to pitch on stage at the connected world’s premier event 4YFN a featured program of the Mobile World Congress 2015.

In the area of Internet of Things we like both consumer and business-facing services leveraging the IoT as well as the platforms that are enabling those services. In the area of Data, we are looking for solutions that leverage data to create smarter, customized services, both for consumers and for business and the platforms that enable the creation and running of those services.

Startupbootcamp IoT & Data is offering:

In return we ask for 8% equity. All contracts are simple, transparent, and available for all to see.

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What's the Deal?

Note that this accelerator is a full-time, intensive program. It often involves working late into the night and weekends. Be prepared to put your social life on hold and don’t even think of combining it with a job or studies.

Accelerator Program Benefits

Seed funding and other perks

Every team receives €15,000 in cash as a seed funding, €450,000+ in partner services, and 3+3 months of free office space in the most emblematic building of the 22@ tech neighbourhood of Barcelona, the Media-TIC building.

Massive growth support for IoT & Data startups

The 3 month Startupbootcamp IoT & Data accelerator guides a company through the Shape, Build, and Sell stages of development, through hands-on sessions with 100+ mentors, masterclasses on topics ranging from lean to legals, and focused partner days such as sales, media and investment. Moreover Claro Partners will provide the teams with tools for the creation, development and assessment of IoT and data solutions, like the IoT landscape, the IoT canvas and the Personal data opportunity framework, to just name a few.

Demo-Day and Pre-Demo Day

After 3 months of acceleration the 10 teams are invited to present their companies to 400+ investors, mentors, and partners during Demo Day but before some of the teams will have the chance to present at 4YFN event at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. Pitch preparation includes hands-on guidance from pitch coaches and investors, and leads into 3 months of fundraising support.

Fundraising support

After the Demo Day teams can choose to stay another 3 months in our co-working space in Barcelona for active fundraising support. The leadership team has raised €80 million in prior ventures. Added to that is commitment of a network of high-quality investors to help our startups source and negotiate the best possible deals to finance their growth.

Expert leadership

The program is led by Angel Garcia, Aldo de Jong and Marcos Cuevas and their team, combining their hands-on experience and expertise on the Internet of Things and Smart Data, building and successfully exiting companies, investing in startups and fundraising.

Become part of a world-leading center of excellence for IoT

Thanks to the partnership with Claro Partners, leading global innovation firm and recognized thought leader about Internet of Things and Personal Data plus the mentors from companies such as Intel, Yahoo, Cisco, Telefonica, Facebook and Oracle among others means we can fulfill our mission enable us to bring together the best startups, corporate partners, investors, thinkers and do-ers in IoT and data.

Global support network

Startupbootcamp IoT & Data startups are actively supported long after their initial acceleration through the Alumni Growth Program, which includes a global network of 1,000+ mentors, 2,000+ investors, 166+ startups in 37 countries, and exposure to startup hubs like Singapore, New York, London and San Francisco.

Find out why Startupbootcamp is one of Europe's leading accelerators. Startupbootcamp was chosen as the Best Accelerator by the Europas in 2014.

*Photo by Stefan Tärnell

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