About the Accelerator

Startupbootcamp’s legendary mentor-driven program has now opened doors in Eindhoven – the world’s leading region for innovation, to host the finest specialist knowledge in more than 8 disruptive technology areas.

Startupbootcamp HighTechXL is the fastest way to accelerate your high tech ideas-in-progress to the forefront of the world of technology. At the heart of the High Tech Campus is where everything will happen. Having your whole ecosystem on the smartest square kilometre in the world.

We're combining the global expertise of the Startupbootcamp network with our unique global connections to more than 450+ relevant investors, as well as tech and scientific media, academic research and local business expertise in one place. Our founders have a track-record of making the impossible possible in many countries around the world, and thus backup the path to success of any startup.

The Grand Finale – Demo Day 2014 Evoluon

The first programme of Startupbootcamp HighTechXL has come to an end with an amazing finale. Our 10 best start-ups have showed themselves on Demo Day to a crowd of over 700 people, which amongst them were 200+ investors from all over the world. This gave the startups the absolute boost to further develop their company and look for the necessary funding. Startupbootcamp HighTechXL has proven to be an excellent landing platform for your high tech startup here in Brainport region especially on the high tech campus.

The startups all had their own experiences about the programme and why it was beneficial to them. In short testimonials they tell you what makes this journey worthwhile. All the videos are now live on our Startupbootcamp HighTechXL Channel.


World's Best Hardware Teams Selected in Eindhoven

This short documentary video illustrates the story of Startupbootcamp HighTechXL so far. See the 9 winning teams and set your clocks to the latest gaze into the future of technology.

What's the Deal?

Note that this accelerator is a full-time, very intensive program. It often involves working late into the night and weekends. Be prepared to put your social life on hold. It is not possible to combine this program with a job or studies. It isn't fair to you or other members of the program.

SBC High Tech XL Teams Receive

Access to 500+ European Based Mentor, Investor & Alumni network.

15,000 Euro: Our Contribution Towards Living Expenses in Eindhoven
Each team, once accepted into the program, receives 15,000 Euro per team. We know you want to focus 100% on your building your business. This is our contribution to food and living expenses during the 6 months of the accelerator program. Plenty of reasonably priced accommodation in the region. Note that this one-off contribution is not connected to the valuation of your company in any way. 

Co-Working Space
You team gets 6 months free office space on "the Strip" at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. This prime location that gives you an unfair advantage! It's an address that every tech-startup wants on their business cards. The space has lightening fast wifi.

HighTechXL will organize good value, low-cost housing in the Eindhoven area for the teams who are selected. We're getting backing from the Holland Expat Center who are experts in helping people settle in fast. 

Sponsored Services for Startups
Our teams get access to a great package of services from our sponsors and partners with an estimated market value of over 525,000 Euro. This includes legal and fiscal advice, PR and marketng support, server space, as well as pitch and broadcast TV consultancy.

High Tech XL / Startupbootcamp Alumni, London Investor Demo Day and Silicon Valley Demo Day
We know that High-Tech startups need a longer runway for development. That's why our Alumni Growth Manager will continue to guide our startups actively after they finish the High Tech XL program at the end of May 2014. All startups who complete our programs are invited to be part of the Alumni High Growth Program.

The Deal: What does High Tech XL receive in return?
8% equity, each team signs the same contract at each of the StartupBootCamp locations. The exact contracts may vary per city, depending on local circumstances and laws. The contract for the Eindhoven program will be available soon. We will also post a version of the contract online that explains the terms in ‘simple language’. If you sign-up today, we'll give you advanced notice when the contract becomes available. No obligation from either side.

Upcoming Events

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Prospero BioSciences
Prospero Biosciences is an innovative biotech analytical solutions startup. The company designs, manufactures, and sells the highest performance biomolecule detector for mass spectrometry technology systems.
Mint Solutions
Mint Solutions builds tools to help nurses and doctors provide exceptional care for patients.
People make their best decision when they have access to trusted information at exactly the right moment in the right context. Proxible provides the tools and infrastructure to make that happen.
Watly Lively Water
Solar water purifier and an integrated utility power machine.
Filter media for Arsenic removal from drinking water
Building the next generation mobile graphics

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