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Startupbootcamp is the leading accelerator of Europe and is organizing a new vertical program focused on internet and mobile (E&M) commerce. With three billion people predicted to be online by 2025, Startupbootcamp aims to innovate the E- & Mcommerce ecosystem by providing the most promising startups in the world with a top-notch accelerator program.

Over the 3-month program, up to 10 selected startups will collaborate with 150+ mentors, partners and investors to build world class products, with the ultimate goal of becoming industry-leading sustainable companies.

We are looking for startups that will empower the E- & Mcommerce industry. As an example we identified the following E- & Mcommerce segments:

The Startupbootcamp E- & Mcommerce Program is open for applications as of May 15, 2014 and we hope to welcome you to one of our Pitch Days or in our office in Amsterdam!

We are very proud to have the following major global brands as partners: Rabobank, Sundio Group, International Card Services, CM, Vodafone, Certa Legal, and PWC.

The Startups

In alphabetical order, the Startupbootcamp E- & Mcommerce Teams of 2014

Eccentrade is the first online information platform designed to provide complete transparencey into overseas suppliers on the clean Tech and...
InSelly is a platform where Instagram users can discover all sales offers from their favorite social network as well as...
Joopp is the easiest & fastest website builder.... is a next-generation, entreprise-level Ecommerce platform that completely rethinks time-to-market, usability and technical complexity....
Printr is a startup that is building tools to make it possible for anyone to get creative with 3D printers...
Quiver brings you Smart Files, which allows you to embed and share your files with features such as GPS, Timebox,... adds relevant data to your video content. This unique solution links video content providers, advertisers and users....
Saddl offers you great service, even during the deliveries. That's why they created Laundr....
STARTMONDAY is a mobile and web app where job seekers send a short intro video to employers instead of just...
Tom Kabinet
Tom Kabinet is the Ebay of second-hand e-books....
Yippie helps people shop smarter. We show you where a product is on sale. Seamlessly integrated, completely personalised and instant....
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InSelly is a platform where Instagram users can discover all sales offers from their favorite social network as well as set up their own personal shop in just a few clicks.

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