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Startupbootcamp Berlin is the leading global startup accelerator with a focus on Smart Transportation & Energy - The Connected and Efficient Mobility of People and Goods. The Berlin program has pivoted to focus on Smart Transportation and Energy, and a new program is being built in San Francisco with a planned launch in the Fall of 2014.

We are very proud to have the following major global brands as partners: Cisco, HERE, Castrol innoVentures, Bosch, EnBW and Mercedes-Benz. These global brands love the Smart Transportation & Energy and they are supporting us with awesome mentors, access to technology and distribution power.

We like "smart" startups in:
Mobility & Connected Vehicles, Energy, Monitoring & Management, Big Data, Location Services, Signaling & Sensing, Logistics & Supply...

The Startups

In alphabetical order, the Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy Teams of 2014

Low-cost hardware solution for charging electric bikes from solar panels...
Mobile service that provides for smaller damage and accidents between drivers...
A B2B electric vehicle data monitoring platform that combines hardware and software....
Google analytics for the physical world....
Enable ecommerce companies to offer their customers installation services at home...
A house monitoring kit consisting of a series of environmental recording sensors and a processing system....
Data Analytics Visualization solutions for energy management...
Cloud-based Fleet Management and enhanced Passenger Information for Public Transportation....
Rokka Solutions
Helps companies that want offer modern delivery options to their customers...
Provide a new content layer on any website or device - over Wi-Fi networks....
A web application that simplifies the organization and management of community solar installations....

Startupbootcamp Berlin partners with leading global brands for Smart Transportation & Energy

Senior partner executives and Startupbootcamp co-founder Alex Farcet explain what makes this year's partnership so powerful. In addition to mentorship, selected teams will benefit from access to resources and new and innovative technologies.

Startupbootcamp Berlin 2013

Over 120 top-notch serial entrepreneurs and experts who volunteer their time and work closely with the Startupbootcamp teams to accelerate their businesses at lightening speeds. Before the program begins we get our mentors together and have a kick-off.

Startupbootcamp Berlin 2012

The Startupbootcamp Berlin program in 2012 was an incredible experience for everyone involved. Check out a recap of the 2012 program.

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