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Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, Europe’s most successful startup accelerator, has opened the applications for their new 2014 program. After two successful programs the founders, Patrick de Zeeuw and Ruud Hendriks, have raised the bar yet again, for both the participants and themselves.

The program focuses on intensive mentoring from industry leaders across Europe and beyond, propelling tech startups into higher levels of growth and funding. 

Since the beginning of the Startupbootcamp Amsterdam program the total “funding score” is set at 95%. Alumni have increased their valuations up to 15 times. 

The Startups

In alphabetical order, the Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Teams of 2014

A self-service kiosk which offers printing, copying and scanning....
Giaura turns CO2 from waste stream into a profitable resource....
Iristrace is a tool for auditors, consultants, quality managers, controllers, or any job surrounded with responsibility for inspections or controlling...
LeapFunder is a crowd investing method that allows everyone to invest in startups....
Procwise is a web based proctoring system for “easy safe online exams”....
Sendcloud is a cloud based system to oversee and simplify the shipping process for webshops....
Signaturit provides a simple and secure way of signing documents with legal validity, without installing any additional applications....
TripRebel is a virtual travel agent, saving customers up to 30% on their hotel bookings and 2 hours of searching...
Ukky is an application offering parents the chance to turn photos, videos and notes into stories about their child in...
Undagrid is an internet of things network service provider that develops mesh networks of nodes....
Wagaduu! is a fast track for your sporting life. Store your records, find sport events and share them with your friends....
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Startupbootcamp Amsterdam DEMO DAY

If you want to know what startup acceleration is all about, how to prepare and get selected for Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2014, then have a look at SBC TV

Why Startupbootcamp Amsterdam?

Friday, on June 28th 2013, Startupbootcamp Amsterdam finished its 3 month program with a very intensive and successful Demo Day! 9 startups from 8 different countries pitched in front of a room full of VCs, Angels and Seed Investors.

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Until Demo Day!

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Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Alumni


Poikos (United Kingdom) –enables 3D body measurements just using simple 2D camera hardware, such as in smartphones and PCs. A 3D avatar with 100+ body measurements can be generated in seconds from just 2 images, and applied directly to e-commerce, mass customisation and health.

Scrap Connection

Scrap Connection (Netherlands) – is an online global platform for the scrap metal industry. At Scrap Connection you can safely sell and buy scrap metals within the virtual doors of a secure scrap metal marketplace.

Teach 'n Go
is the simplest, most essential and at the same time most capable Learning Management System in the market.

AliveShoes (Italy) – The gateway to the talents of the largest cluster of shoemakers on the planet- Italy's Shoe Valley. Design, create, produce and sell your own sneakers & shoes to a global market. Tap into the creativity of the finest designs anywhere


Presentain (Canada & Ukraine) – The new way to share ideas and presentations with engaged audiences. Platform agnostic, Presentain is a complete solution before, during and after your performance.


SocialExpress (Belgium) – Real-time social media reporting for corporate managers. With SocialExpress, you design your custom social media reports in just a few clicks. It's as easy as drag and drop, based on real-time data. They deliver the right reports with the right insights and KPI's for the right recipient, all in combination with the existing monitoring tools.

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